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While I know my family grieved to lose me on this earth, I had been very sick and they loved me so much that they were willing to make that “tough decision” instead of seeing me suffer. I had very bad allergies, a twisted right leg and a ruptured eardrum. I was getting weary of this old sin cursed world. But no worries, and please don’t cry, when I went to sleep I awoke in the most beautiful place I had ever seen. I can’t even begin to describe it to you. There were children playing, beautiful singing, people joyously working, all kinds of building going on and there was no sickness, pain or sorrow. I was able to run, jump, hear and had no itching or pain and I have never felt better. I also have no more fears and am friendly to everyone. And most of all I see my glorious creator who spoke the universe into existence and gave me life. The bright light shining from Him is so AWESOME!

My Heavenly Father has given me a wonderful job of playing with the children. And when I see other members of the animal kingdom enter heaven’s gates me and my other friends greet them, show them around and welcome them into the Father’s eternal glory and their home.

One of these days I am going to look up and see my wonderful family and when I do I will run to them, bark and greet them into heaven where we will NEVER be separated again!

If you are reading this and not sure you are going to heaven write my Papa and ask him how you can be sure. I pray that I will see anyone reading this here in heaven. God bless and keep you until I do.

Your canine friend,

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Me and my favorite toy

I love to bark, chase and jump at bubbles